Toto S300e & S350e Bidet Seat Review

Are you looking forward towards upgrading your bathroom and need to add a new bidet seat? Well, Toto could be one of your best choices when it comes to bidet seats. First of all, Toto has been providing people with bidets since 1980. This basically means that they have mastered their trade and can only provide the best in the industry. Furthermore, they were the first company to produce bidet seats. More than three decades later, Toto introduced the Toto S300 & S35oe bidet seats. If you are looking for the best bidet seats today, then you can bank on the 30 years of experience that Toto has producing bidet seats. To know more about this new product, search and read for some Totos300 review

Before we even look at the features of these amazing bidet seats, you need to note that the only difference between them is the automatic closing and opening lid feature found in the S350e model. Otherwise the other features are exactly the same. The new S350e design cannot be compared to the previous models. Its all-white but you can find one in Sedona Beige. With a TOTO washlet insignia on its rear, it appears elegant. It also has recessed edges on the lid which also complements its design.

There are some unique features that will make you like the S300 & S350 units. Top on the list is the location of the water inlet and the electric cord. They are located on the left which is a unique feature only found in the S350. You can as well find all the controls on the same side and hence no need to use the remote control function. On the control panels, you can be able to flush, power on and use the night light. Rear cleansing and feminine cleansing buttons are also found on the control panel. Another thing to note is the thinness of the bidet seat. It's actually the thinnest in the world with a 15" width.

The units come with a remote control function which has buttons on one side and an LCD display on the other. This is one of its kinds in the bidet industry. The automatic lid opening and closing function cannot be ignored as it can come in handy when you want to avoid any touching. The units also come with an anti slum technique that allows your bidet seat and cover to close slowly. For hygienic purposes, Toto provides eWater (electrolyzed water) as a solution. eWater ensures that your bidet seat is misted before and after use limiting the chances of bacteria growth. This is also seen as a good way to maintain your bidet seat's color as opposed to harsh scrubbing. Toto's approach to pricing was reasonable as with all these features, the units can usually be purchased for $1000-$1250 depending on the store

In conclusion, Toto has done a great job and anyone interested in having a high quality bidet seat should consider the features above. The only thing that could make you run away from the S300 & S35oe is the price tag. Nevertheless, coupon codes and discounts come in handy in situations like this.